How I Met My Other: True Engagements, Forever Love

By Arielle Haughee


Will you marry me?

We all want forever love with that one special person who lights up our lives with joy. Many people picture the perfect moment, but sometimes reality can surprise us. In this collection of true stories, authors share their one-of-a-kind engagement stories, filled with humor, surprises, and most of all, happiness.

Inside are stories of unexpected beginnings, second chances at love, tales of just-right timing, and experiencing the magic in every day. Join us in a celebration of forever love!

My Review

This anthology is packed full of sweet stories of falling in love, timing, and plans for the future. I loved several of the stories. One being Diamonds are Forever by Chelsea Fuchs. I love the idea of handing down family heirlooms. Another story that touched my heart was It’s a Love Story After all by Jenna Wilson. It’s funny how life weaves a path all leading up to the perfect timing. Wonderful read that reinforces the hope of forever love.

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