Have you ever looked out on freshly fallen snow that blankets the ground and been in wonder of the vastness?

When I see people rocking their dreams and crushing their goals, I think of that blanket of snow. It has a certain magic to it, doesn’t it?

What we don’t usually think of though, is the millions of little snowflakes that had to fall to create that shimmering blanket. We often marvel at the successes of those around us, wishing we could be that/do that, without realizing the millions of little steps they took to get there.

Success usually isn’t handed out. Especially in the Indie Author world. Each success comes with a million self-doubt’s, thousands of hours of work, and tears. I’ve yet to meet one Indie Author who started writing and didn’t question themselves.

Fun fact, authors are generally unsure of themselves. They pour themselves into their work and send it into the world hoping that it makes someone smile.

In that way, each author I’ve known, looks forward to feedback from the reader. I encourage you, if you have read something that just touches you, made you smile, or put a brightness on a dreary day, leave a review and let the author know that. If it really hit home for you personally, find their website and send a personal message as well. You may think authors don’t care to hear from you, but I promise you, they do.

So, the next time you start wishing you had the blanket of snow, start thinking of the steps you need to take to get there. I cannot wait to applaud your beautiful achievements!

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