Ramping Up

I find that working with a new author always takes a bit of “ramping up” time. Of course, there is the sharing of details, tasks etc, but I am talking about the getting to know you and your brand phase.

Each author has a brand. The specific colors, fonts, themes, and ideas they share create an image, or brand, that represents their work. It is essential for everyone on their team to fully understand what they are working toward and how they want to be seen.

Readers use brand recognition to seek out the authors they love. They may not always remember the title of the book they loved, but they remember how it made them feel. The same can be said for your branding.

If an author’s reader group, Facebook page, and website aren’t all aligned for example, readers get confused and no longer know what to expect. We find comfort in the familiar and appreciate knowing that we will always get what we expect from a product. Let’s face it, authors and their work are a product.

Gone are the days authors would write, holed up in some cabin in the woods, and readers would buy their work not knowing a thing about the author as a person. With the Indie Author boom, and the current world climate, readers are searching for a more intimate experience.

I work with an author who is so well branded and likeable as an author and individual, people who don’t even read her genre will seek her out at events, purchase her books as gifts for friends, and overall love to support her.

As you think about scaling up and adding people to your team, remember that it takes time to build rapport, to find your groove, and to click. You must have faith in your team, and they must understand what it is you want to project to the world.

Happy Writing!

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