Audio Books

Several years ago we discovered my daughter was dyslexic. After sitting in on several different workshops with experts from all over the United States, my biggest take away was let her read with her ears.

Seemed crazy to me. I taught myself to read at the age of 4, her little brother had done the same. Reading with your ears?? Hmm….

The more I thought about it, the more I really got on board. We had always done read aloud time as a family, and she really enjoyed it. We already listened to audio books in the car. Why not use audio books to help her along until she was more comfortable reading on her own.

June is Audio Book Month. I encourage you to listen to an audio book this month! I’ll be listening to War Serenade by Jill Wallace.

The blurb:

DIVIDED BY WAR. UNITED BY MUSIC. ENDANGERED BY PASSION. When bon vivant Italian opera star-turned-pilot Pietro is shot down during World War II, he nearly loses his life. Worse, he’s lost his passion for music and is close to losing his sanity in a soul-crushing prisoner-of-war camp in South Africa when he meets Iris. He has a vision of a love worth dying for-worth living for-and realizes he must find his voice if he ever hopes to find her again. Iris’s dreams are at stake when she meets Pietro. All she wants is for her brother to come home alive from the war and to fulfill her destiny as a costume designer in Hollywood. But this spirited redhead’s life turns upside down as her eyes meet Pietro’s through the cage of his prison. The world may be at stake, but so is her heart. Their secretive and daring courtship raises the suspicions of the bully who runs the camp, a scarred and damaged tyrant who once dated Iris. Consummating the couple’s almost mystical connection will mean crossing the barbed wire, risking the deadly charge of treason and confronting their worst fears. Inspired by a true story, WAR SERENADE is compelling, heart-wrenching, sometimes funny and always dramatic as it celebrates the endurance of the human spirit, the evolution of rich friendships, and love’s triumph against impossible odds.

Listen Now

If you sign up for Jill’s newsletter, you also get access to War Serenade: Cards and Kisses! Sign up for find more about Jill Wallace here.

It is my sincere hope you fall in love with reading with your ears! Enjoy an audio book this month and let me know how you liked it!

2 responses to “Audio Books”

  1. I love this newsletter so much!! My girl reads with her ears, too!

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    1. It is truly wonderful to have the option of reading with one’s ears!


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