August Releases and 5 Star Reads

5 Star Children’s Book

Piper by Arielle Haughee is such a sweet and encouraging story. The illustrations are delightful. This is a book every child should have. Learning how to shake off the uglies and shine bright. I can’t wait to gift this to all the kids I know!

Steamy Reads Just for You!

Steamy Contemporary Romance with Fairytale Elements featuring a Curvy Heroine

5 Stars

I really loved this book.
Her sass and tough exterior for show, his battle to try and do what is right for her, misguided as it was… there was suspense, spice, and solid characters. I smiled, my heart raced, I slapped my forehead and got butterflies….

Jess broke my heart a little bit. 💔 she is so much more than the self-centered social media personality that we saw in the last book. Alden is a protector, a fighter, a lover…. swoon. Definitely recommend!

5 Stars

All the feels! Rhett falls so hard for Summer it made my heart flutter.. Letting go and being happy with the one you love is everything. He is a bull rider with an image to repair, and she is off limits. Too bad attraction doesn’t work that way.

A total page turner!

5 Stars!

Loved it! A love built over a lifetime, Dare and Billie are twin flames. This book had me invested from the jump. Billie is such a bad ass, and her MC cowboy Dare gives her a run for her money. The way he loves her.. oh man! Cannot wait for book 2 in the series.

This series by new to me author Sara Cate was fan yourself hot! Four friends decide to create an app that would connect you to others who are into the same kinky things you are. This evolves to a BDSM club over time, and the four friends are one by one finding their perfect match. Would definitely recommend this series, but be warned, you may need a glass of ice water.

This debut novel by Tamatha Cain brought light to the challenge of interracial love in the South. My heart ached for Betty and the life she so desperately wanted. The mystery surrounding her disappearance, and the undercurrent of attraction between Melody and Dorian on their podcast kept the flow of the novel moving at a wonderful pace.

It was interesting to see the music history of Jacksonville, Fl woven throughout this dual timeline novel. Having gone to college in Jacksonville, I was shocked I hadn’t heard any of this before.

Tamatha’s story can be found noted on the Jacksonville Historical Society’s website. This was a novel I just couldn’t put down. Definitely recommend!

5 Star Read

Looking for a Sweet Read?

5 Star addition to the Palmer City Voltage Series

by Kerry Evelyn

Finding true love is never easy, but it’s always worth it.. The journey Coach Conway and Gemma take to their HAE proves that. I love how they had to learn to trust each other and lean on each other through a very trying time. Marriage has ups and downs and often it’s these times that break us. I was thrilled to see them come together, work together, extend grace and realize that love is worth the fight.

5 Stars

This new book by Pauline Baird Jones is an absolute riot. I can’t say it any better than this Amazon Reviewer: “When I met the great-grandmother with the ankle monitor, I knew I was in for a ride. Once you’ve read The Family Way, you may never attend another baby shower without thinking of the wild one in The Family Way!”

5 Stars

Candace Colt does it again. Author of contemporary romance with a magical twist, Candace never fails to give you just that little bit more. Baga Shores sounds like a wonderful vacation destination, and I am looking forward to book 3!

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