2022: A Year in Review

What a crazy year.

2022 was full of change, new experiences, and of course growth. At the beginning of the year, my husband was approached with a job opportunity that he had been working toward for some time. Needless to say, I was thrilled for him. The caveat, it required moving. Several states and 1,400 miles away.

Leaving Florida, where I had lived for more than two decades, and the only state my husband had ever lived in, was a huge decision. In June, our family packed up and moved to Central Texas. While scary, it has turned out to be a really wonderful move for the whole family. New opportunities have arisen for our children, my husband, and myself, and we are doing our best to embrace them.

In 2021, I began to write. I’ve written pieces and parts of things over the years, always with a dream that I would one day publish something. Turns out, 2022 was the year I was brave enough to move forward. I was approached and asked if I would be interested in writing a Caregiver Journal. This felt like such a passion project for me, and I gladly accepted the challenge. My FIRST non-fiction work The Caregiver’s Journal for Avoiding Burnout which will be published 2/21/23. It’s currently open for preorders on the publisher’s website.

I also submitted a piece I wrote about overcoming grief to an anthology called Along the Shore: Strategies for living with Grief due out July of 2023. Losing someone is never easy, and finding your way through the fog and pain of that loss can be difficult. I am blessed to be a part of this project, and I hope it touches the hearts of those who are facing loss.

I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, and completed the first draft of a novel I am looking forward to publishing summer of 2023. (Stay tuned!) Also on the horizon, a project that was inspired by my mother’s brave journey with stage 4 cancer. I can’t wait to share these projects when the time is right!

I’ve made huge strides in my skills for my personal assistant business, and I look forward to a year of continued growth both professionally and personally.

So, what did your 2022 look like? Is your 2023 on track to be your best year yet? I certainly hope so.

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