Non-Fiction Titles 2023

The Caregiver’s Journal for Avoiding Burnout

Rest. Reflect. Reassess.
Self care, planning, and preparation are key to finding balance when caring for a loved one. Too often caregivers put their own needs on a shelf in order to make time for the care of others. Unfortunately, this quickly leads to poor health and burn out. 

This journal is filled with tips, check ins, and ideas to help you carve out time to prioritize you. You’ll find weekly and monthly activities to guide you to refocus your energy and reflect on what works well. 

Prompts will help you identify areas that need tweaking and ways to unwind and relax. Journal space provides a way to record overall feelings, thoughts, and memories you don’t want to forget. 

Taking care of yourself is essential to your own health and well being, and achieving balance will help you be your best for those you care for. 

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