Orlando Reads Books 2021

Have you ever attended an event with a dream in your heart? That is how this event started for me. I looked forward to connecting with authors, and learning new things to help me with my VA business. I did that. I also connected to some really great authors, readers, and fellow book lovers.

From the Thursday night “Bar Hop” and scavenger hunt, to the industry workshops, there was something for everyone. It was amazing to hear from published authors that they too began at the beginning, as any good story should.

Thankfully along the way, I was encouraged to share my own writing ideas and journey. I was uplifted and encouraged by not only friends, but fellow authors in the industry.

If you love to read, and have the opportunity to attend a reader event or book convention… DO IT! There is nothing like being surrounded by like minded bibliophiles.

Looking forward to solidifying connections made, implementing things learned, and really buckling down on my own writing. What have you done to move toward your goals?

Pictures with one of my favorites Kerry Evelyn.
Encouraging words from Elana Johnson

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