Becoming a personal assistant, like all other new ventures, requires a period of growth. I would argue that the growth process is never ending; however, there are those who become set in their ways and have found what works for them never to stray again.

Almost daily I find myself looking something up, watching tutorials, reaching out to those more seasoned than myself for help and learning. Often, I can muddle through things with little help or instruction. However, I strive to always be the most efficient I can be. Which requires extended learning.

I have always enjoyed learning. In school, I loved when we tackled new concepts and looked forward to hands on days. I am no different as an adult. I knew jumping into a new industry would take time, effort, and determination. I knew I would be stretched to learn new things, grow in ways that I hadn’t considered in years.

In the last year I have attended several classes, both in person and virtual. I have learned about the publishing process, marketing techniques, proofreading, editing, story development, social media, reader engagement, and so much more.

I am thrilled by what I have already learned, and look forward to delving deeper into many of these areas over the course of 2022.

If you enjoy learning and professional development, which courses or books are your absolute must haves?

Tonya Spitler, PA

Owner of A Novel Choice LLC

Personal Assistant to Romance Authors.

Creative Assistant at Orange Blossom Publishing.

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