Space Coast Book Lovers ’22

If you have never been to a book convention, I encourage you to consider adding that to your bucket list.

This was my second year attending the Space Coast Book Lovers Con, and I have to say, it did not disappoint. The team that puts this event together has it down to a science. The weekend is FILLED with opportunities for readers and authors to connect.

Thursday, I attended the Indispensable PA/VA training day. I connected with fellow personal assistants, learned more about formatting, tiktok, branding, newsletters and more. Working in the book world is different than any other industry I have worked in. A large part of success is networking. Perhaps you don’t have a skill, but you know someone who does. Everyone is eager to help each other out.

Friday and Saturday were filled with reader events. From Booknique sessions where authors lead activities, to tropes and sips, think author panels. There is something for everyone. Luncheons, mingles, meet and greets, all fantastic opportunities to connect with your favorite authors. The after party, which was Alice in Wonderland themed, was so fun! A costume contest, fantastic decorations, and dancing topped off the fabulous event.

The many reader focused events kept authors and readers mingling and learning more about each other. Authors love hearing from their readers. They want to know what you love to read. So, reach out. Send that email, join those reader groups and newsletters. You’ll be glad you did!

The energy surrounding these types of events is contagious. To know you are surrounded by people you automatically have one thing in common with, takes the pressure off of meeting new people. You bond over your love of certain genre’s, authors, or tropes, and leave fast friends.

I will be at Orlando Reads Books in August. I encourage you to find a con near you and go! You will not be disappointed!

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